La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - The Agency ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - The Agency


Advanced Logistics Technology Engineering Center S.p.A.

In 2001, through an investment of approximately 24 M€ ASI, Alenia Spazio and Consorzio Icarus (by 51% composed of Piemonte region local administration agencies and by 49% of Alenia Spazio), set up the Advanced Logistics Technology Engineering Center srl (ALTEC) with the purpose of entrusting the same with the management and manufacturing activities of CMFS (Centro Multifunzionale Spaziale) founded in 1997 by ICARUS.

In ALTEC memorandum of association ASI-NASA Memorandum of Understating (MoU) of 9/10/1997 has been explicitly recalled as well as the engineering activities which ASI commits to provide NASA for the 3 Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules (MPLM), refered to in the same MoU.

In order to start activities as described in a 2003-05 business plan, in April 2003 ALTEC shareholders decided to change the company legal status in SpA (a limited company) and to proceed with a recapitalization, through the assignment of assets (29%contributed by ASI), capital goods (Alenia Spazio 51%), cash and/or credits (ICARUS 20%).

After the establishment of ALTEC S.p.A., ASI, as paracorporate agreements, entrusted Alenia Spazio first and then ALTEC some contracts for the supply of engineering and logistic support services to NASA and for the provision and maintenance of MPLM spare parts as well as for the support of their missions. 
In particular ASI has requested the pursuing of sustainable development strategies for long-term programmes by also procuring private contracts and identifying any other funding opportunity from both government and private organizations. 

Company's purposes include: 
- the provision of engineering and logistic support services for the Space Station operation and activities as well as for the employment of other orbital infrastructures to ASI and ESA as well as to other Space Agencies and any Public Bodies, Scientific Communities, Italian and foreign Companies and other private organizations. Services are also included for storing, processing and distributing data concerning the abovementioned infrastructures; 
- the promotion, marketing and selling of the Space Station opportunities and the relative provision of the engineering services required.


In 2010 ALTEC closed its balance with a profit of € 835,799.00