The Agency ‣

In this section all the institutional information on the Italian Space Agency: its profile, its offices, management and internal organization

Life In Space ‣

From Yuri Gagarin’s first, historic undertaking to the American landing on the moon in 1969, human beings are not tired of pursuing the goal of space colonization


Thanks to satellites, today we are able to monitor the health of our planet as never before. The Cosmo-SkyMed radar constellation is a unique example at global level, same as the Prisma hyperspectral in Europe.


An adventure started over 500 years ago, in which Italy played and still plays a leading role


You need means of transportation to move on Earth. You need means of transportation to move in space. Italy is at the forefront, both on Earth and in space

TLC and navigation ‣

Thanks to the satellites in orbit, we are able to receive images coming from every part of the world, make phone calls everywhere, make air and naval navigation safe

Technologies, Engineering, Micro and Nanosatellites ‣

Section focused on the technological innovations in the aerospace sector

Space Economy & Space Industry catalogue ‣

The new frontier of Economy behind Earth atmosphere


ASI promotes the training and technical-professional growth in the field of aerospace science and technology and their applications

MoRe-ASI ‣

Monthly Research colloquia of ASI (more…)

Communication ‣

Communicating space is one of the ASI’s missions