News Archive
  • Galileo 7-8 launched perfectly into orbit
    At 10.46 pm Italian time on 27 March, the Soyuz rocket left the ESA base in Kourou as planned, releasing the fourth pair of satellites into orbit less than 4 hours later. Two more launches are expected by the end of the year.
  • A new success for VEGA
    Second “American contract” in a few days, after the one with Skybox-Google, for the little ESA rocket ‘made in Italy’: in the first half of 2016 will launch also the PeruSat-1
  • The Fourth Meeting of the Italy-Mexico Bi-National Commission
    ASI President Battiston, representing the aerospace sector, accompanied Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Paolo Gentiloni to the Fourth Bi-National Commission in Mexico City
  • COSMO-SkyMed for Science and SMEs
    ASI is offering satellite constellation data free of charge to the international scientific community and SMEs in two separate Open Calls, for developing civilian applications.
  • VEGA & IXV: mission accomplished
    The experimental flight of the made in Italy “little shuttle” is another step forward towards Europe's autonomous access to space. The congratulations to ASI by the French president Francois Holland
  • DAWN arrives at Ceres
    After being launched in 2007 and leaving Vesta in 2012, Dawn is the first probe in history to orbit around two different bodies in the solar system; ASI’s VIR-MS instrument is on board
  • ASI-CNES Memorandum of Understanding
    The presidents of the two agencies signed an immensely important document today at the end of an inter-governmental Italo-French summit meeting in Paris, strengthening cooperation in all key areas of the sector