News Archive
  • New ASI Director General
    The appointment of Anna Sirica approved by the ASI Board of Directors
  • COSMO-SkyMed activated for Nepal earthquake
    UNOSAT and NASA immediately requested help from the Italian OT system, which has already provided archive data sets and is currently acquiring new data over the areas affected
  • In-flight call between Minister Giannini and Cristoforetti
    The Italian Minister of Education, University and Research calls the ISS from ASI haedquarter in Rome, together with around 300 students from Italian schools
  • Happy Birthday AGILE!
    The small, all-Italian mission is celebrating five years studying the high-energy universe and numerous scientific discoveries
  • DREAMS begins voyage to Mars
    The Italian instrument at the "heart" of the ExoMars 2016 lander has been transferred from Padua to the Thales facility in Cannes. Official handover scheduled for 4 May
  • Galileo 7-8 launched perfectly into orbit
    At 10.46 pm Italian time on 27 March, the Soyuz rocket left the ESA base in Kourou as planned, releasing the fourth pair of satellites into orbit less than 4 hours later. Two more launches are expected by the end of the year.
  • DAWN arrives at Ceres
    After being launched in 2007 and leaving Vesta in 2012, Dawn is the first probe in history to orbit around two different bodies in the solar system; ASI’s VIR-MS instrument is on board

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