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  • Rosetta, rendez-vous with History
    A spacecraft meets a comet for the first time: the ESA probe with an 'Italian heart' enters the orbit of 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko and opens a new chapter in the exploration of the solar system
  • ATV-5, the last European cargo launched to the ISS
    Lift-off took place on July 30, at 1.47 (Italian time) from Kourou. A record load aboard, including the "bonus food" for the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. ATV-5 will remain docked to the ISS for six months
  • Battiston and Israel on a visit to AVIO
    The President of the ASI and the CEO of ArianeSpace welcomed at Colleferro by the heads of ELV and AVIO for a long visit to the facilities
  • Italy and China, cooperation in space
    The head of the Chinese Space Agency in Italy for a two-day institutional visit. The CNSA President Xu Dazhe meets the Minister Giannini in Rome. A letter of intent signed at the ASI headquarters to establish a Cooperation Committee. Followed by a visit to the TAS-I plant
  • New astrobiology experiments on the ISS
    Italian researchers will be participating to them with the help of the ASI. They have just arrived on the Station, but will be activated in October for 12-18 months
  • Copernicus, towards an inter-ministerial coordination
    A workshop at the Presidency of the Council, attended among others by the heads and delegates of the ASI, Civil Protection, Defence, Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, ARPA, INGV and Ispra, reviews the development of the European OT program

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