CUSP - CUbesat Solar Polarimeter

Sector: Space weather 

Number of satellites: 2

Form factor: 6 U

The CUSP (CUbesat Solar Polarimeter) mission will measure the linear polarization of the X-rays coming from solar flares using a Compton diffusion polarimeter and orbiting on a Solar Synchronous Orbit (SSO, 500-600 km). Solar flares, together with coronal mass emissions, can pose a serious risk to the functioning of electronic and electrical devices orbiting the Earth and the ground. The polarization of X-rays allows us to directly study the acceleration mechanism of charged particles that takes place following the magnetic reconnection on the Sun. The CUSP mission, with its two CubeSats in orbit around the Earth, will contribute not only to the study of heliophysics. but will also complement the Space Weather networks for the prediction of these violent solar phenomena. The team of Research Intitutions, Universities and companies that will implement CUSP is made up of INAF-IAPS, which plays the role of Prime Contractor and is responsible for the realization of the scientific instrument in collaboration with SCAI Connect s.r.l., IMT s.r.l. which is responsible for the implementation of the CubeSat platform, the University of Bologna which is responsible for the Mission Study and the University of Tuscia which is responsible for the ground station.



Proposing team: INAF-IAPS (Prime), IMT s.r.l., Università di Bologna, SCAI Connect s.r.l., Università degli Studi della Tuscia




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