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A small Italian mission

After the success of the BeppoSAX mission, ASI decided to carry out a new national mission for the study of the high-energy Universe: AGILE - Astrorivelatore Gamma a Immagini Leggero.

The launch took place in April 2007, with a two-year expected operational life.

The core of the mission is a new generation gamma detector, a natural consequence of the evolution of detectors used for experiments of physics of elementary particles.

AGILE's main feature is the combining of two image detectors simultaneously working within bands of gamma energy and hard X-rays, which merge into a single instrument with a great scientific potential.

ASI SCIENCE DATA CENTER (ASDC) will manage the activities of filing, processing and distribution of scientific data, apart from making the software available for the data analysis. The Base of Malindi, Kenya, is the ground station of the mission.