The  CUG, the Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employees' Well-being and Inclusion is a guarantee institution established under Article 57 of Legislative Decree 165 of 2001. Through this committee, the legislator aims to achieve several objectives

In particular:

  • To ensure equality and equal opportunities in public administration institutions , preventing and combating all forms of physical and psychological violence, harassment, and direct and indirect discrimination.
  • To  optimize productivity in the public administration by improving individual work performance;
  • To enhance the organizational performance of the administration as a whole, making the organization efficient and effective. This includes the adoption of measures that foster organizational well-being and promote equal opportunities while countering discrimination.

The CUG performs propositional, consultative, and verification tasks within the scope of the competencies conferred to it by Article 57, paragraph 03, of Legislative Decree No. 165 of 2001.

As regards the CUG propositional function, a key role is played by the Plans of Positive Actions aimed at promoting substantive equality at work between men and women, improving well-being conditions at work, and preventing or addressing situations of discrimination, or moral and psychological violence, mobbing, and organizational discomfort within the public administration.

Regarding its consultative function, the CUG takes action to prevent potential situations of discrimination by formulating opinions on reorganization projects of a given public administration institution, staff training plans, forms of work flexibility, reconciliation interventions, and staff evaluation criteria. Administrations are reminded to consistently seek the opinion of the CUG in these matters.

In terms of verification tasks, the CUG is required to submit an annual report (by March 30) on the status of the implementation of the Three-Year Positive Action Plan (refer to section 3.2). This report includes information on the monitoring of appointments for both managerial and non-managerial staff, compensation, and organizational positions to identify any pay differentials between men and women. The CUG also plays a vital role in verifying the absence of any form of violence or discrimination, whether direct or indirect, in the workplace at a public administration institution.

With reference to this last aspect, it is believed that the CUGs can act, within the public administration, as important sensors of malaise situations related to violence and discrimination, also in order to report the aforementioned situations to the functionally and territorially competent subjects. In order to strengthen this verification function, the Committee Chairman promotes the establishment, in collaboration with the office responsible for personnel management, of an organized Listening Unit within the administration.

Concerning this last aspect, it is believed that CUGs can be effective tools to detect difficult situations due to violence and discrimination within the public administration while at the same time reporting such situations to functionally and territorially competent authorities. To strengthen this verification function, the Committee Chairman, in conjunction with the human resources office , promotes the establishment of a well-structured Listening Unit within the administration.

Reference legislation:

 Legislative Decree 165/2001 Guidelines on the modalities of operation of "Guarantee Committees for Equal Opportunities, Employees' Well-being and Inclusion" (Art. 21, Law No. 183/  November 4, 2010) of March 4, 2011;

Directive 2/19 "Measures to promote equal opportunities and strengthen the role of the Guarantee Committees in public administration institutions".

Composition of the CUG

The CUG has a four-year term

As established by the Acting Director General's Decree No. 945 of October 4, 2023, the current composition of the CUG is:

Full members Alternate members
Fabio Prasca (Presidente)
Marzia Damiani Maria Noemi Iacolina
Alessandra Filocamo Roberta Mastrovincenzo
Francesco Montemurro Mario Siciliani De Cumis
Rosa Maria Parrella Claudia Starace
Luisa Santoro Maria Messina
Silvia Baldelli Giulia Fabiana Mastroianni
Elisabetta Cavazzuti Giovanni Valentini
Raffaella Feltrin Eleonora Ammannito
Fabiana Paravani Veronica Puce
Rosa Tagliamonte Paola Bergamaschi

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