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Main Theme Astrophysics
Mission Responsibility ASI
Launch Date 23 April 2007
End of Mission at the beginning, the end was planned for 2010 - In March 2014, the mission was extended for further 12 months
Current phase E2


AGILE is a completely Italian, small ASI mission dedicated to high-energy astrophysics. In particular, AGILE is dedicated to X-ray and gamma astrophysics with imaging capability in the 15-40 keV and 30 MeV-30 GeV bands. AGILE was successfully launched on 23 April 2007.


The main features of AGILE's instruments can be summarized as follows:


a. excellent space resolution and large view field (around 1/5 of the entire celestial sphere) achieved in gamma 30 MeV--30 GeV band by its silicon tracker
b. combination, the only of its kind,  of X-ray and gamma imager in 10-40 keV bands that allows the accurate positioning of point and transient sources within one minute of arc
c. temporal microsecond resolution for photon tagging in bands 10-40 keV, 0.3-30 MeV, and 30 MeV-30 GeV, and a hold-off detecting interval in gamma band beyond 30 MeV in several hundredths of microseconds
d. search for GRB with trigger time in an extended dynamic range (from sub-ms to tenths of seconds).


The mission was realized by a group of Italian industries led by Carlo Gavazzi space SpA. The in-orbit operations were performed using ASI's Malindi ground station. The scientific data are sent to the Mission Operation Center (MOC) located near the Fucino centre by the ASINeT network and then to ASI-.ASDC where they are processed, archived and distributed to the INAF team and to the scientific community.


Scientific Objectives
The main scientific objectives of the AGILE Mission include the study of:

  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • X-ray and gamma galactic sources
  • Non-identified gamma sources
  • Diffuse galactic gamma emissions
  • Diffuse extra-galactic gamma emissions
  • Study of fundamental physics

Italian contribution
AGILE is a completely Italian mission. All of its elements have been produced and are operated on in Italy.


International Agreements
There are no international agreements with other agencies.