New data policy from 2 May 2022

21 April 2022

With the entry into force of the new PRISMA data policy, starting from 2 May 2022, the organizations that intend to use PRISMA to feed new services to be provided commercially, will be able to send registration requests qualifying as commercial users.

The commercial exploitation of PRISMA Derivatives products (products obtained from the original ones through an irreversible transformation) is allowed only to users who register as a group with the Main User belonging to an organization with operational headquarters in Italy and active in the field of Earth observation. The composition of the group, except for what related to the Main User, is not subject to further restrictions therefore it is also allowed to users of any nationality and affiliation. Even in the case of commercial exploitation, the images will continue to be given free of charge for the user.

Through this new data policy ASI intend to expand the PRISMA user community by further promoting the development of hyperspectral data processing technologies and allowing organizations with an adequate know-how to make profits from the sale of innovative services based on PRISMA data. Finally, participation to the commercial exploitation of PRISMA data by non-national organizations too, will contribute to a possible improvement of Italian industrial capacities.

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