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Technological transfer

The application of space technologies in different sectors

Technological transfer is a sum of different activities directed to the use of space technologies which have been "transferred" to other producing and/or service contexts and aimed both at enhancing technologies, which have already been developed, and at their future reutilization within contexts not properly belonging to space.

At the same time, technological transfer from fields not pertaining to space to those of space is of the utmost importance. These activities can be classified in the following two categories:

1. Transfer of technologies belonging to ASI from space to earth (down-stream);
2. Development of activities from earth to space (up-stream). In this last case, the role of the Agency consists in encouraging the improvement of technologies which were hitherto exclusively for earth use.

1. Transfer of technologies from space to earth consists in the definition of technologies which have been developed through ASI funds, and for which it is possible to carry on a transfer of technologies towards fields of the earth market which would get an advantage from the new technology. In so far as the financing activity is concerned, ASI's efforts would be exclusively directed to adapting the technology to the identified market. This would allow a further exploitation of public funds, previously allotted, towards the industry holding the technology to be transferred.

2. Transfer of technologies from earth to space is based on the ability to pinpoint innovating and stable technologies utilized in earth markets which could be applied in the space field by way of appropriate adaptations. Fields from which it could be possible, as well as desirable, to acquire new technologies to be transferred to space are mainly: electronic, precision mechanics, materials. Other fields still to be identified could be added in the next future.