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Space Technology Tree

Mapping of space technology typologies

ASI is carrying out the Space Technology Tree, an essential instrument used for identifying objectives contained within the National Aerospace Plan.

Through the development of the Space Technology Tree some crucial goals may be reached, namely:

- the mapping of space technology typologies within national and international fields;
- the observation - as well as the classification - of products, components and technologies considered as important from the innovating point of view;
- the comparison between national/international reality and ASI reality;
- the proposal of important technologies for the country.

The comparison between the space technologies development tree within a global context and the one of technologies and components financed by ASI will serve as an observation basis deemed as necessary for ASI's future choices which are, on their turn, addressed to the identification of new development lines for new critical and/or important technologies.
In this context the Portfolio of ASI products will play a key role as it is an instrument containing specific information about products which have been (or will be) carried out, a continuously updated and extremely versatile database.