The goal of The Xenopus Growth and Regeneration on ISS (XENOGRISS) investigation is to study the effect of microgravity on the processes of growth and regeneration, using an animal model (Xenopus laevis tadpoles), which allows for observation of both processes at the same time. Moreover, during the on-ground activity in preparation of the investigation (using facilities which allow to model microgravity conditions), the best diet for feeding tadpoles (animal/vegetable proteins) in microgravity conditions is evaluated.

    Moreover, the investigation has also an educational purpose. In fact, an interdisciplinary group of students from different courses in high school are involved in the investigation; both regarding the scientific aspects (preparation and implementation of the investigation), and the technological ones (hardware development, under the guidance of Kayser Italia). The information gained with this investigation contributes to better understanding the mechanisms underlying the processes of tissue growth, repair, and regeneration, as well as the role of gravity and mechanical factors in these processes.

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