Long-duration space ight induces changes in body composition and, almost always, the reduction of body mass.It is possible, with an intervention at nutritional level, to counteract, or limit, the detrimental e ect of microgravity on metabolism and skeletal muscle.

The Nutrition Monitoring for the International Space Station (NutrISS) investigation is aimed at analyzing body composition using a dedicated bio- impedance analyzer that is able to measure the fat mass of the test subject once per month during ight. This data is combined with body mass measurements carried out almost at the same time.

Based on this information, the strategy for nutritional plans can be discussed and coordinated on ground, with the nutritional community and ight surgeons.

If data variation exceeds the de ned threshold, the nutritional team can provide energy intake suggestions to the crew member, in order to maintain his/her energy balance.

The new nutritional indications, if needed, can made through changes in one or more of the nutritional targets (energy, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.) included in the crew diet. New nutritional suggestions are displayed on the Everywear App running on the crew iPad.

Feed back to crew members is given through a list of possible food choices to ensure nutritional adequacy, and also personal preferences.The time course of in- ight musculoskeletal changes allows for an evaluation of the e ectiveness of such feedback

The overall goal is the optimization of crew member performance and quality of life in limiting the negative e ects of space ight. In addition the results could be bene cial for clinical management of malnourished, and/or obese, immobilized patients on Earth.

Mission: Expedition 59/60 - 61/62

Launch date: 17/04/2019 00:00:00

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