DIAPASON conducts high-accuracy environmental control, pollution monitoring and particle recording with a simple instrument that captures nanoparticles. Captured nanoparticles range in size from two nanometers to 1 micron. This range is very meaningful in many fields. Some examples are:

  • Combustion verification and tuning of parameters in order to improve efficiency, increase fuel savings and reduce pollution.
  • Hostile environment analysis and monitoring due to the instrument’s capability to transmit acquired data via telemetry
  • Prevention of pollution via analysis of atmospheric conditions, identification of contaminants, and calculation of percent concentration.

DIAPASON is a personal-size nanoparticle collector, which uses a temperature gradient to attract and collect nanoparticles with uniform deposition. It collects a wide range of nanoparticles of any type, and captures them for later study. The instrument is simple, light and rugged. It can be operated by non-trained personnel.

Mission: 35/36, 37/38

Launch date: -

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