The two protocols aim at collecting data of the sensory and motor impacts due to the immersion in a completely new environment. SHRINK focuses on the perception aspects, while MOVE SB on the motor aspects.

The ELITE-S2 cameras, equipped with infrared illuminator devices, illuminate the volume and retroflective markers movement is captured and computed in real time by the image processing device (on-chip marker barycentre computation algorithms).

The markers attached to the crewmember’s body segments (at specific body landmarks defined by the protocols) are simple plastic spheres that are reflective in infra-red and thus detected by the dedicated ELITE S2 TV-based camera system. Risks inherent in this experiment are minimal, comparable to those that would be faced if the crewmember played with imaginary balls in a room at home. The infra-red ELITE system is routinely used in several laboratories for motion analysis in the world and in clinical settings in hospitals to monitor gait and motor performance in patients, including children.
ELITE-S2 main technical specifications are:

  • sampling rate up to 250Hz
  • resolution CCD 512x512
  • Accuracy <= 1mm on volume 2mx2mx1m
  • Availability of integration with other analogical devices
  • working volume: half body, full body
  • 4 TVc

During performance of the actual experiments (in flight and during baseline data collection on the ground), in addition to ELITE S2 infrared recording of the marker positions on your body, the crewmember’s performance is video-taped with a conventional camcorder. The video tape recordings complements the marker position recordings during off-line scientific analysis. These recordings are used exclusively for scientific data analysis.

Mission: 39/40, 41/42, 43/44

Launch date: 08/08/2007 00:00:00

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