The investigation demonstrates technology to validate the use of Augmented Reality (AR), deployed as an iPad application, to improve and make more efficient the on board operations to reduce crew time. The technology demonstration runs to perform, with the aid of AR, a preventive maintenance task in the USOS segment and a stowage related activity (stowage management and/or hardware search) in PMM. This approach could pave the way for a new method of preparing and organizing crew operations.

One of the most important resources to manage and optimize on board the International Space Station is the crew time, for scientific research and for maintenance activities.

The ARAMIS investigation aim to verify the usage of the Augmented Reality during the execution of standard activities such maintenance tasks and stowage management operations to understand the applicability and the benefits of this technology on board the station.

A continuing research aimed to crew time reduction for preventive and corrective maintenance activities exists, in favor of the crew time allocated to scientific research.

The main objective of the ARAMIS investigation is to demonstrate that the usage of the Augmented Reality can improve the efficiency of the on board operations, having all the required information in one device only.

It is important to remember that normally crew operations are executed by crewmembers by using procedures, messages, logs, in paper copy or via laptops, with the limit of changing different views on a relatively small screen. Additionally, the focus of the user need to be changed between the working area and the laptop to read/verify information.

ARAMIS wants to demonstrate that having all the information available on a single portable device, in the field of sight of the operator, the overall operations efficiency improves.

Mission: Expedition 51/52- 53/54

Launch date: 14/08/2020 00:00:00

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