A busy airshow for the ASI and the national space companies

19 July 2022

Important appointments for Italy and the Italian Space Agency at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022, which will be held in England from July 18th to July 22nd.

At its exhibition booth (n. 4510, Hall 4), the ASI presents itself with some of its most recent activities and the ASI Space Talks, a program of thematic conferences. The first appointment was held on July 18th; it was dedicated to the future perspectives in the field of Earth observation and was attended by Francesco Longo from the ASI, Giuseppe Lenzo, from Telespazio, and Antonino Spatola from Teledyine Imaging. On July 18th, the president of the Agency, Saccoccia, attended the signing of the agreement between Telespazio and Inmarsat, two world leaders in the field of global satellite mobile communications, which aim at creating communication and navigation services for the next missions on the Moon, in the context of the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Moonlight project.

The event in Farnborough has always been an important appointment, during which agreements are signed that involve several global stakeholders from the aerospace industry.

On July 19th, at Leonardo’s pavilion (B010), a contract signing ceremony was held between the company and the ESA for the robotic arm Sample Transfer Arm, from the Mars Sample Return program, guided by the NASA in partnership with the ESA. The ASI supported the whole project, in the framework of its activities to enhance robotic exploration. The contract was signed by Gabriele Pieralli, managing director of Leonardo’s Electronics Division, and by David Parker, the ESA director of human and robotic exploration, in the presence of the ASI president, Giorgio Saccoccia, during an event moderated by Luigi Pasquali, coordinator of Leonardo’s space activities. The second appointment of ASI Space Talks was dedicated to space exploration, with interventions by the ASI president, Giorgio Saccoccia, by the director of the ASI programs, Roberto Formaro, by the vice-president of the Exploration and Science domain at Thales Alenia Space, Walter Cugno, and by Ilaria Cinelli from AIKO.

Still on July 19th, at the ASI’s exhibition booth, a framework agreement was signed between the Agency and the Apulia Region for the cooperation and start of joint initiatives and research and development projects in the fields of Earth observation, telecommunications and satellite navigation. The agreement was signed by the ASI president, Saccoccia, and by the councilor to the economic development of the Apulia Region, Alessandro Delli Noci, in the presence of the president of Aeroporti di Puglia S.p.A, Antonio Maria Vasile, and the president of the Aerospace Technological District – DTA, Giuseppe Acierno.

On July 20th, there will be the third appointment with ASI Space Talks, whose topic will be Alcor, the new program for nanosatellites promoted by the Agency, which will debated by Silvia Natalucci from the ASI, Stefano Antonetti from the AIPAS and Alfredo Locarini from Nautilus.


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2° - 19 July 

3° - 20 July 

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