A collaboration among ASI, INAF,INFN and several Universities

01 December 2021

ADAM/PixDD project: it is a collaboration among ASI, INAF, INFN and several Universities to develop an innovative detection system, devoted to measure the properties of photons collected from cosmic X-ray sources. With these detectors it will be possible to study the ultradense matter that constitutes neutron stars and to measure the space-time properties associated with supermassive black holes, in order to verify Einstein General Relativity prediction.

These images show the system during a heavy charged particles bombardment test carried out at the RADEF facility in Finland. The test aims to verify the system resilience to the radiative environment in which it will operate in space.

Marco Feroci (INAF, marco.feroci@inaf.it), Angela Volpe (ASI, angela.volpe@asi.it)

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