The Italian Space Agency starts the User Consultation survey for the future of the Italian Hyperspectral Mission

07 June 2021

Hyperspectral sensing can be considered a key Earth Observation technology that opens the doors to a large number of research applications and operational services. The purpose behind this survey is to shed some light on this topic from users’ perspective.

The survey has been designed to estimate the interest as well as current and potential needs of the users’ community in the exploitation of a new hyperspectral mission, PRISMA Second Generation (PSG). PSG is the operational follow-on of the in-orbit PRISMA mission, to be launched in 2025.

ASI intends to collect user input to set-up mission architecture, application areas, and data products requirements to enhance the impact of the PSG mission for scientific and application Earth Observation (EO) users. It’s not mandatory to provide answers to all the questions.

Thanks for your time and opinions; please, provide us with your answers no later than June 16th, 2021. If you have any questions please contact:

Click on the link to start the survey (time estimated to complete the survey: 18 minutes):

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