After receiving the mandate for space activities by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, on March 19th, 2021, the honorable Bruno Tabacci visited the Italian Space Agency premises

31 March 2021

The honorable Tabacci, who was received by the president, Giorgio Saccoccia, and the general manager, Fabrizio Tosone, met a significant representation of the staff, Board of Directors and Board of Auditors of the agency, in the full respect of the rules to prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection.

“We thank the undersecretary Bruno Tabacci for his visit and we wish him – stressed the president of the ASI, Giorgio Saccoccia – all the best for his work, in his new role. During today’s meeting, we confirmed to the undersecretary the maximum support by the Agency, to guarantee that the Government is able to better support a strategic industry for our country. By virtue of the expertise and reliability reached by the entire national chain, along with the strong projections of value increase of the Space Economy, the space industry is a candidate to represent one of the driving forces with the greatest potential and impact for the recovery and growth of our country in the short and medium term. The role of institutions, the Government and the ASI is essential to guarantee to our industry and to the world of national research the required support in this delicate stage of development of space activities worldwide”.

“Our commitment represents an important business card for Italy and for the entire aerospace industry – said Tabacci during the meeting -. The Aerospace is more and more central in the global competition and has a significant impact in several fields of the economic and social life of our country, as well as all the 22 ESA countries. Several priorities lie ahead. Among these – concluded Tabacci – there is an essential priority, which involves the role Italy will have to play in the debate on the ESA Agenda 2025. That is where the future of aerospace lies, for Europe and for our country, which has deserved over the years the entry in the exclusive club of the global industry leaders, and must continue to be a part of it”.

The honorable Bruno Tabacci, who’s 73 years old, started his political career from the base, in the town councils of his homeland, and subsequently reached, by stages, the president’s chair of the Lombardy region at the end of the 80’s and, later on, the Parliament, where he was, among other things, the president of the 10th Committee for Economic Activities of the Chamber of Deputies. His economic and financial experience led him to guide, before his experience in politics, the research office of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Small Business, guided by Giovanni Marcora. Tabacci, the current president of Centro Democratico, which he founded in 2013, has held the position of undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council, with mandate for the coordination of economic policies, since March 1st, 2021.

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