Nutriss will be the first scientific activity of ASI in orbit for Luca Parmitano, astronaut of the European Space Agency on the International Space Station. Meanwhile, the third of six Italian experiments is ready to take off.

Rome 24 July 2019 - The first of the six experiments of the Italian Space Agency was activated today to be performed by Luca Parmitano, ESA astronaut. This is NUTRISS, a scientific test carried out by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) proposed by Professor Gianni Biolo of the University of Trieste. Experimentation aims to maintain an ideal body composition avoiding the increase in the fat mass / lean mass ratio due to inactivity from microgravity. The Kayser Italia of Livorno is the technical manager for the realization of the apparatus. NUTRISS arrived on the ISS aboard the Cygnus NG-11 cargo shuttle on April 17th together with Acoustic Diagnostics another ASI experiment, which will be the object of activity in early August.

Meanwhile, the third ASI experiment, Amyloid Aggregation, is on the launch pad awaiting take-off. The SpaceX Dragon-18 capsule transports it into orbit. In the course of its mission, Parmitano will have the task of following over 100 international experiments, 50 of which by ESA, and 6 proposed by the ASI. The other three ASI license plates are: XENOGRISS, LIDAL and Mini-EUSO which will arrive on board the station with other shuttles between August, October and December. All the scientific component selected by the ASI has been realized in collaboration with various institutions, Italian and international universities. Luca Parmitano took off on 20 July for the ESA mission called Beyond and will remain on the Space Station until 6 February. It is at its second mission after the Italian Space Agency's VOLARE in 2013. From next October it will take on the role of commander of the ISS, taking command of it for the so-called Expedition 61, mission of activity on the Station by the crew of which Parmitano is part.

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