La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

Franco Malerba

Italy goes through space

Present activities
-Scientific Attaché -Science and Energy Advisor, Permanent Delegation of Italy to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development -OECD, Paris.
-Science Editorialist for La Stampa-Tuttoscienze and Il Secolo XIX (Italy).

Past Professional Roles and Responsibilities
Industry and Management fields

-Director, Representation Office of Alenia Spazio in Paris (2002-2004), in charge for Alenia Spazio’s industrial relations in France (Eurospace) and for the institutional relations with ESA and the UE institutions in Bruxelles.
-Manager, Strategic Projects, Alenia Spazio, Turin (1999-2002), in charge for new business development in the fields of space applications and of technology transfer.
-Marketing manager, Distributed Systems and Networks, Digital Equipment, Geneva, CH, (1980-86), responsible for the introduction in Europe, the promotion and the technical support of the “Ethernet products line” (the first wave of “LAN products” based on the IEEE 802.3 telecommunication standards).
-Consultant, Telecommunications and Distributed Systems, European Competence Centre of Digital Equipment, in Rome, (I) and in Sophia Antipolis, (F), (1986-90).
-Founding member and President of Genova-Startup, (1999-03) an Association of SMEs in the Liguria Region which aims at representing the interests of hi-tech entrepreneurs to potential investors (risk capital), Italy.

Science and Research fields

-Was the Science Astronaut (Payload Specialist) selected by the Italian Space Agency and NASA for the Space mission STS-46 (with the shuttle Atlantis) which carried out the in orbit insertion of the Eureca European science platform and the first flight-test of the Italian Tethered Satellite (TSS-1). Was trained for the spaceflight at the NASA-JSC Centre, Houston, Texas (1989-94) and was in charge of the science operations of the Tethered Satellite mission, which flew from 31-July to 8-Aug-1992.
-A finalist candidate (one out of four) in the first ESA astronaut selection in 1978, hence was visiting scientist at the ESA-ESTEC, Space Science Department, Noordwijk, NL (1979-80).
-Research Fellow at the Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche (CNR), Genova, (1971-75) worked in the field of spectroscopy in biological membranes.

Education and Post graduate activities

-Doctorate in Physics, 1974. from the University of Genoa (I). ° Doctorate in Electronics Engineering, 1970. from the University of Genoa (I) ° Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Hea lth (NIH), Bethesda, Md (1972-74),
worked in the field of biochemistry and micro-spectrophotometry of photoreceptors. ° Research Assistant at the NATO Saclant ASW Centre , La Spezia, (1971) working in the field of signal processing in the ELF spectrum.
Military service
-Lieutenant -Reserve Officer, Italian Navy (1974-75)

Special Assignments and Honours

-Member of the Space Advisory Committee (6thFramew ork Program) of the European Commission. ° Member of the Scientific Board, University of Gen oa, Doctorate in space science and engineering, Italy.
-Space flight medal, NASA, for special merit in th e space mission (1992) ° Columbus Medal by the city of Genoa for extraordi nary achievements (1992) ° Honours of “Commendatore della Repubblica Italian a” in recognition of the scientific achievements (2001).