Satélite Argentino de Observación COn Microondas (Argentine Microwaves Observation Satellite

Starting from July 20th ASI will accept registration requests submitted by the scientific, institutional and commercial community (only for non-commercial purposes), both Italian and International, allowing the access to the SAOCOM products acquired in the geographic zone in which ASI has full utilization rights (Zone of Exclusivity). It roughly corresponds to the European territory.


Anyone can be part of the growing community of users of SAOCOM products in the ASI Zone of Exclusivity through a simple registration operation, by accepting the License (Terms and Conditions for use of the products of the SAOCOM mission), releasing a liability declaration and compiling a membership registration form with the personal info as well as a brief description of the project in which the SAOCOM data are intended to be used.

For accessing the products it is sufficient to download the SAOCOM Registration Data Package and submit via email a registration request

 Further details can be found in the SAOCOM membership guide inside the above-mentioned package.

SAOCOM data will be accessed and disseminated through a dedicated ASI SAOCOM portal, ( see SAOCOM membership guide)  based on a customized version of the DHuS system, that has been originally developed by ESA as the backbone of the EC Copernicus data distribution to users.




The ASI SAOCOM portal currently contains only a subset of all the products available in the Zone of Exclusivity but it will be increasingly populated in next weeks.


 Registration Data Package



Membership registration form

SAOCOM Licence to Use Agreement

SAOCOM membership guide


SAOCOM Release of Liability Declaration

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