Deadline: April 28th 2023

The Italian Space Agency (ASI), in collaboration with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) intends to launch for the year 2023 an "Internship Programme", on space-related subjects of interest to ASI, for up to 4 positions at the Agency's offices in Italy. This Internship Programme is intended for students who are both enrolled in a University degree program (Master's degree, Ph.D.
or equivalent) and members of the SGAC.

The Agency's macro topics of particular interest for this edition are:
a) SCIENCE AND EXPLORATION: Mission support systems, including life, microgravity, space
exploration, space debris and SETI;
b) TECHNOLOGY: Common technologies for space systems, including astrodynamics, structures, power
and propulsion;
c) SPACE AND SOCIETY: Interaction of space with society, including education, policy and economics,
history and law.

The Internship Programme consists of a period of up to three months of study and research
apprenticeship at one of ASI's Italian sites for the implementation of a subject related to the student's
university programme of study.

Deadline: April 28th 2023 h. 23:59:59

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