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Spaceland Expo-Congress

Olbia, 21-23 Ottobre 2010

Thanks to both the international success of the first SpaceLand Expo‐Congress in 2009 and the science results from recent SpaceLand research & educational parabolic “open” flights at NASA, the 2nd SpaceLand Expo‐Congress, on 21‐23 October 2010, features an large range of events within the 20th Week of Science & Technology of the Italian Ministery of Education, University and Research.


The Expo‐Congress is endorsed by the Vice‐President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani (in charge of Industry, Entrepreneurship, Space and Tourism), the Italian Space Agency, the European Corporate Associations “SMEs for Space” and “SME Union”, the “Agenzia Industrie Difesa”, the Italian Association of Space SME’s “AIPAS” and “ASAS” and several other institutions.



High‐tech and Space SMEs, scientists, academia, students and spaceflight‐related tourism operatorswill be able to present their work and evaluate finance and development opportunities with venture capitals and experts from the worlds of politics and economy.