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Professor Roberto Battiston appointed as new ASI President

Press release by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

16 May 2014

Minister of Education, Universities and Research Stefania Giannini has appointed Professor Roberto Battiston, ordinary professor of experimental physics at Trento University, as the new President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

Battiston is 57, and graduated in Physics from the Scuola Normale in Pisa. Over more than thirty years at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Perugia, he worked in international scientific partnerships firstly in the field of experimental physics and fundamental accelerator interacts, and more recently studying cosmic rays in space.

Battiston's appointment comes after a procedure led by a selection committee set up for the purpose on 13 February this year. The committee advertised for candidates through a public announcement. 55 applications were submitted and five candidates were chosen by the committee to be presented to the Minister, who selected Battiston to be the new President.  

Minister Giannini emphasised that “Battiston's appointment shows that we do things at the right time, with all the necessary decisiveness and speed, but also paying great attention to excellence. Among other things, Battiston has been a leading physicist at the University of Perugia. I believe that this is an important turning point for the aerospace sector, which is of unmeasurable importance for our country. I would like to offer all my best wishes to the new President of ASI. I would also like to thank Professor Aldo Sandulli for his excellent work in these particularly delicate months for ASI”.