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Under the COSMO-SkyMed eye

Thanks to the agreements e-Geos-Ursa and NASA-ASI, the images of Asi satellite radar constellation COSMO-SkyMed have been made available to the US authorities to verify the effects of the hurricane

COSMO-SkyMed constellation satellites busy on Harvey Hurricane, thanks to the agreement signed between e-Geos (a company owned by Telespazio and the Italian Space Agency) and URSA (Ursa Space Systems Inc.) from Adam Maher (CEO Ursa) and Massimo Claudio Comparini (CEO e-Geos). 

With images obtained by the COSMO-SkyMed Italian Space Agency constellation (a dual-use project in collaboration with the Defense Ministry and industrially manufactured by Thales Alenia Space) and processed by e-GEOS, Ursa controls the areas affected by Harvey Hurricane. Optical satellites are unable to penetrate the hurricane and understand ground conditions. The COSMO-SkyMed constellation radar satellites are able to collect information in any time and brightness condition, providing important information on the amount of flood. 

The Italian Space Agency has, however, a bilateral agreement with NASA, which is expected to supply 7,000 COSMO-SkyMed images annually to the US space agency for emergency requests like Harvey Hurricane. 

ASI is supporting the JPL with archive images and new acquisitions particularly in the Houston area hit by the hurricane. NASA / JPL acquisition plans will be finalized for the next few days.  

The image reproduced here was taken on August 26 at the early hours of the morning. When the hurricane was coming. Continuous updates are published on the Ursa website. Ursa is part of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).