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LISA Pathfinder, inertial sensors delivered

The ceremony was held in Milan last 3 November. The ASI President Roberto Battiston took part in a round table discussion

LISA Pathfinder is the first space observatory for gravitational waves detection. This mission was approved by the ESA Science Programme Committee in November 2000 and further reconfirmed by the same body in 2002 as part of ESA’s 'Cosmic Vision' Scientific Programme. LISA Pathfinder is scheduled for launch in 2015.

LISA’s inertial sensors are high precisions tools whose role is essential for the observatory. They have been realized by the Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio S.p.A. (CGS)  with the Italian Space Agency’s financial support. Researchers from the University of Trento and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics have designed these tools.

Inertial sensors were delivered to the ESA during a ceremony that was held on 3 November 2014 in Milan, at the CGS S.p.A. Headquarters. Representatives from all the involved stakeholders (ASI, ESA, INFN, University of Trento, institutions, scientific community and industries) took part in a round table discussion. Among the guests, there were the ASI President Roberto Battiston, the INFN President Fernando Ferroni and the INRIM President Massimo Inguscio.

“This event is a joyful occasion to me for two reasons: in the first place, for the LISA Pathfinder flight model delivery and in the second place because today I met again people with whom I had shared so many years in the research field – the ASI President commented – Then I would like to emphasize the role of the Italy system for space. Presidents of three research bodies are participating in this event and the ability to persist in an idea so charming and difficult distinguish our system for research, which is still able to provide excellent results like this”. 

“Important results like LISA Pathfinder are an outcome of a lot of things: – Battiston ended up – an idea conceived by a scientist or a scientific team, financial resources, long-term programmes and agencies’ perspectives. In these terms, I assume full responsibility for this last matter: through LISA Pathfinder, we are harvesting results of a seeding made decades ago”.