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L’Aquila earthquake: the first interferograms

COSMO-SkyMed data show ground movements up to 15 cm

The first interferogram of the area hit by the Abruzzo sismic event was obtained, in the framework of the collaboration betwenne the Italian Space Agency and the Civil Protection Department, using data from the satellite system COSMO-SkyMed, processed by the IREA-CNR Institute.


The second one, also based on COSMO-SkyMed data, was processed by e-geos, a joint venture between ASI and Telespazio. 

Both interferograms are based on images from the same geographical area taken with the same view angle,  in different times, in order to measure geological changes using specific algorithms. These inteferograms are based on two acquisitions taken by satellites on March 23 (before the earthwuake) and April 8.

The inteferogram (here shown over a GoogleEarth image) various coloured lines can be seen. Each complete colour cycle from yellow to blue corresponds to a movement of 15 mm in the terrain.
In the most affected area, a movement of about 15 cm was detected.