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Italy and China, cooperation in space

The head of the Chinese Space Agency in Italy for a two-day institutional visit. The CNSA President Xu Dazhe meets the Minister Giannini in Rome. A letter of intent signed at the ASI headquarters to establish a Cooperation Committee. Followed by a visit to the TAS-I plant

A large delegation from the Chinese Space Agency (CNSA), led by the President Xu Dazhe, today concluded two days full of institutional appointments in Italy.

This morning, accompanied by the ASI President Roberto Battiston, the delegation paid a visit to the Thales Alenia Space Italy (TAS-I) plant in L'Aquila, while yesterday Dazhe and Battiston met the Minister of Education, University and Research Stefania Giannini at Palazzo Madama, in Rome, and then signed an important cooperation agreement at the ASI headquarters.

"The mutual interest of cooperation between the Italian and the Chinese industry was reaffirmed with the support of the relevant space agencies" said Battiston. "The agreement that we signed - he continued - will serve to create a format not only for research but also for the industrial business plan".

Several distinctions in the Italian aerospace industry were presented to the Eastern partners during the visit to L'Aquila. Elisio Prette, president and CEO of TAS-I, opened the meeting, later giving way to the Vice President Giovanni Fuggetta for a speech titled "The New L'Aquila plant".

Following, the presentation of Telespazio by the CEO Luigi Pasquali and that of E-geos by the CEO Marcello Maranesi. The contribution of Battiston and a visit to the TAS-I facilities closed the day.

Yesterday, Dahze and Battiston met the Minister Stefania Giannini in the centre of Rome, and then onto the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency at the Tor Vergata University of Rome.

Here the two presidents of the respective national agencies formally confirmed the mutual commitment to strengthen the bilateral cooperation in the space sector in a long-term strategic vision, with the signing of a letter of intent establishing a specific Committee: the Joint Space Cooperation Committee (JSCC), responsible for identifying every possible area of bilateral cooperation.

The JSCC, chaired by the heads of the two agencies and composed of their representatives, will evaluate the opportunity for partners to collaborate in the analysis and exchange of satellite data for environmental monitoring and for the prevention of natural disasters, in the study of polarization phenomena of celestial bodies and X Ray Timing and monitoring of gravity. The committee will also be responsible for promoting the cooperation between the two countries for research on dark matter, cosmic radiation and the robotics and astrophysics fields.

The JSCC, among others, will consider a proposal to establish a joint space science and technology laboratory through the support of Universities and Research Institutes. The meeting follows the signing of the Framework Agreement between ASI and CNSA signed on November 23, 2011 in Beijing.