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From Galileo to GALILEO: know the universe to improve life on Earth

Italy and Luxembourg meet on 8 and 9 October


Italian government and industrial personnel discussed space with their Luxembourg equivalents in two days of meetings held in Luxembourg on 8 and 9 October with European Union participation. The initiative, promoted by the Italian embassy in Luxembourg, grew from the idea of creating a link between an emerging player in space (Luxembourg has only recently became a member of the European Space Agency) but which has a significant industrial economy operating in the space sector at an international level, and Italy, which has a long tradition in the sector and plays a significant role not only in European, but also global space projects. The programme could count on the support of the Italian Space Agency, which is participating in the activities planned by Italy as part of its triennial presidency of the inter-ministerial group of countries belonging to the ESA.


The first day, dedicated to the themes of telecommunications and Earth observation, included a morning meeting between the top management of the principal companies in the sector from Italy and Luxembourg and was closed by Finmeccanica's general manager, Giorgio Zappa. In the afternoon, the Italian infrastructure and transport minister, Altero Matteoli and the European commissioners Antonio Tajani and Viaviane Reding participated, along with ADI's president, Enrico Saggese. The first day took place at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.


The second day, taking place at the University of Luxembourg, had a distinctly more academic flavour and included life science themes and the possible scientific innovations in the areas of telecommunications and Earth observation with reference to managing natural disasters.