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COSMO-SkyMed: agreement with Egypt

The first agreement to collaborate with Egypt in the field of space observation signed

Yesterday in Cairo the ASI President, Enrico Saggese, and the President of NARSS (National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences), Ayman El-Dessouki, signed the first agreement of collaboration in space between Italy and Egypt in the field of Earth observation. The ceremony, which took place during the Italian-Egyptian Science Day, was opened by the Italian ambassador, Claudio Pacifico, in the presence of the Italian Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vincenzo Scotti and four Egyptian ministers, the Minister for Education and Research, the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Electricity and Energy.

In his presentation, the ASI president showed numerous satellite images of Egypt, taken by the Italian radar system COSMO-SkyMed. Among the ‘assets’ of the Italian system that were greatly appreciated was the fact that the radar data, more than the optical data, allows us to effectively monitor the territory. ASI also participated in a workshop on the use of remote sensing data in archaeology. Egyptologists, geologists, historians and physicists gathered together to explore methods and new disciplines connected to the space data, useful in monitoring an extremely fluid and dynamic territory such as the desert and, in particular, the Egyptian desert, which still remains largely unexplored.