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Mattarella's congratulations to Xi Jinping

The ASI President Roberto Battiston and the Italian Minister of Research, Valeria Fedeli,congratulated to China Space Agency and remarked the strong cooperation between Italy and China

Mattarella's congratulations to Xi Jinping: "I would like to congratulate most warmly on placing in orbit, from Jiuquan cosmodrome in the Gobi desert, the Chinese-Italian satellite “China Seismo Electromagnetic Satellite” (CSES) which will detect seismic phenomena. This initiative, promoted by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) with the China National Space Administration (CNSA) within the “LIMADOU” project, represents a major scientific target in the peaceful use and exploration of outer space and a milestone for the aerospace relations between Europe and China. In light of this result, that combines Italian technology and Chinese instrumentation, I hope that, within our global strategic partnership, Italy and China could keep on working together with mutual benefits in the space science and build new significant and ambitious collaborations as the one agreed between ASI and China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) in Beijing at Our presence on 22 February 2017. Remembering my state visit in China and looking forward to meet You again here in Italy, I once again express my highest and personal senses of friendship and esteem".


“CSES’s launch – has declared Valeria Fedeli Italian ministry of Instruction, University and Research – it’s the result of long hard work and of a high level collaboration between Italian and Chinese scientific communities which extends to various fields and I had the chance to appreciate it during my visit to China last November. Scientific and technological research have major tangible benefits on society as a whole. This is just a first important step towards the stable utilization of space technologies and science in the study of seismic activity, a massive challenge in the understanding of one of the biggest threats known by humanity. CSES is the further demonstration that research and technology are an excellence in Italy and a patrimony that needs to be constantly sustained both financially and organizationally at every level. To invest for the first time 400 million on Prin and to call up a recruitment plan for young researchers, as our government did, it is the best way to invest on our country’s future”.


Roberto Battiston, Italian Space Agency’s president, said: “it was a great emotion to assist to a perfect launch. We are all waiting to activate the satellite, verify the functioning state of the instruments aboard and to start the calibration procedures to become operative. The Italy-China collaboration has become more and more important in many fields, as already demonstrated by the the agreement on long-term astronaut missions studies signed last year in Beijing. Today’s launch realized the first great Italy-China space mission, a very important fact as underlined by President Sergio Mattarella and President Xi Jinping”.