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Battiston visits SatCen

The Italian Space Agency President, Roberto Battiston, visited the SatCen, the European Satellite Center, based in Madrid, Spain

On 3 May, Prof. Roberto Battiston, President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), together with Enrico Russo, Technical Director, visited SatCen and was given an overview of the Centre’s latest activities.


During the last year, following the mandate received from the Board, SatCen strived to shape the involvement of the EU SatCen in the Space Surveillance and tracking - SST Support Framework with the five designated entities constituting the SST Consortium (from France, Spain, Germany, UK and Italy). ASI being the main partner on the Italian side, Prof. Battiston gave a presentation to the SatCen personnel on ASI activities in general and specifically on the role of Italy in the Space Surveillance and Tracking initiative.


Thereafter more in-depth presentations were given on SatCen and its operational and capability development activities. SatCen Director Pascal Legai gave a general presentation on the Centre’s functioning and activities, Heads of Division explained the Centre’s role in the Copernicus programme, and the initial SatCen services in the field of Space Surveillance and Tracking were presented. The visit concluded with a round table discussion with the SatCen Management.