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ASI selected VEGA to launch PRISMA satellite

The agreement signature ceremony at Le Bourget Paris Air Show ASI stand

The agreement to launch the Italian satellite PRISMA by the VEGA launcher  has been officialized. The agreement signature ceremony took place in presence of the president and general director of ASI, Roberto Battiston and Anna Sirica.


For launch services, the agreement was signed by Stéphane Israël, Chairman and CEO of Arianespace, and representatives of OHB Italia, Roberto Aceti, and LEONARDO, Marco Stanghini, respectively CEO and Senior Vice President of the Airborne and Space Systems Division.


PRISMA, scheduled for mid-2018, is an ASI mission for Earth Observation equipped with innovative electro-optical instrumentation consisting of a Panchromatic Medium Resolution Camera and a Hyperspectral Imager capable of capturing images in the spectral band from 400 to 2500 nm.


The mission can provide a unique contribution to the observations of natural resources and in the study of key environmental processes (e.g. interaction between atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere, observation of global climate change and effects of human activities ecosystems).


Roberto Battiston expressed great satisfaction for the selection of the launch services offered by VEGA for PRISMA as our country has undertaken, in various national and European institutions, a policy to support the use of European launchers and in particular of VEGA, a launcher born in Italy and later adopted by the European Space Agency, where, from an industrial point of view, key roles are taken by Italian companies.


Anna Sirica highlighted that "with this contract, we are completing the implementation phase of the mission, which will enable Italy, starting from next year, to receive valuable information to support the management of natural and man-made risks, the monitoring of agricultural and forest resources, the control of human activities and the exploitation of mineral resources ".