La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

Scientific Associations

Cultural Association

OdisseoSpace is a non-profit cultural association pursuing the aim to enhance the diffusion of Space scientific culture through: - a constant activity of information and professional training of competent teachers; - promotion of studies and research; - projecting of Space policies.

Italian Astronomic Organization

SAIt, the Italian Astronomic Organization, has the main purpose of promoting and spreading studies as well as the knowledge of Astronomy.
It was established as an Organization of Italian Spectroscopists in 1871 and includes among its partners professional astronomists, teachers and people who are interested in astronomy.
SAIt's Institutional Organs are the Directorate and the Auditors Board.

Italian Organization of Physics

Italian Organization of Physics (SIF) was established in 1897 together with the monthly newspaper "Il Nuovo Cimento" in which (in a publication of January) for the first time the subtitle "Organ of Italian Organization of Physics" appeared.
The main activities of the organization, apart from the editorial ones, are the yearly organization of a National Congress, the organization of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" and the organization of meetings on specific topics.

Italian Meteorological Organization

The Italian Meteorological Organization was established in 1865 at the Meteorological Observatory of Moncalieri. Afterwards, because of the war, it was destroyed. It was re-founded in 2000 on the initiative of both the Meteorological Subalpina Organization and the Observatory of Moncalieri.
Italian Meteorological Organization is a Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility. This aim is pursued through the safeguard, the development and the study of the atmospheric environment with a particular attention to climate changes.

Moral Organization

The Italian Geographic Organization is a free association since it was established in 1867 and thus, whoever agrees with the goals set out in its Statute can be a member. The main goal is the development of geographical knowledge. Recently it was officially recognized as an environmentalist organization.