La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.


Financed under the VII Framework Project

On the European Union's website, it is possible to find information about the calls from the European Commission in relation to the space sector, financed by the VII Framework Project.

Italian Ministry for External Affairs - Call for proposals

Public Education Ministry

Public Education Ministry (MPI) is in charge of the state school educational system.
Its web-site is divided into different basic-theme areas reflecting the main domains of experience of Central Office activities.

University and Research Ministry

University and Research Ministry (MUR) administers the public university training system as well as scientific and technological research.
By linking with the MUR web-site, it is possible to find information pertinent to Italian Research Institutes as well as to the National Research Plan.

National experts detached to the European Commission


Open positions - Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The government is the expression of a Parliamentary majority, namely of the coalition of parties which have obtained the highest number of polls within Parliament. The Government is an elaborate constitutional organ composed of other autonomous organs having specific purposes but representing essential and necessary elements.

Call for Sicilia e Ricerca S.p.A.
Selection of Project Manager and Long list constitution

Sicilia e Ricerca S.p.A. has published the public call for the selection of a Project Manager and the creation of the Long list.