La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

Medicine and Biotechnologies

ASI research projects in Life Sciences

The Italian Space Agency (ASI) Life Sciences Programme began in 1990 as part of a general, overall scientific programme. Today, the Medicine and Biotechnologies (MED) Programme has the specific objective of gaining knowledge through space research and transfering it to medical applications on Earth.



The primary goals of the ASI MED Programme are:

  • To understand life processes and adaptation mechanisms in the space environment in the long term;
  • To sustain a human programme to explore the solar system and beyond;
  • To boost medical research on ground with the results of the medical investigations in space;
  • To foster the integration of multi-disciplinary expertise, both scientific and industrial, for programmes of high-level technology transfer.

The Programme is focused on five main application-oriented research areas which require special facilities and flight opportunities. ASI provides access to different space platform, from parabolic flights to International Space Station, thanks to a cooperation mainly with ESA, NASA and FSA.

To reach the goals of these programmes a scientific and industrial network has been created over the years. Today, more than one thousand researchers, 164 Institutes of research and 18.