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"What after JWST? The 3rd generation of UVOIR Space Telescope"

ASI Headquarters, March 22nd 2018

After almost 30 years of Hubble Space Telescope operations, and with the forthcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, the international scientific community started discussing about the future of space-based astronomy. One of the proposals concerns a large, 10 m class, UV/Optical/IR space telescope.

In order to build such an ambitious mission, a large international cooperation is needed to face the associated high costs and technological challenges. The scientific opportunities offered by a large space-based telescope have been discussed in July 2017 during the “Global Coordination of Ground and Space Astrophysics: Future Space-Based UV/Optical/IR Telescopes” workshop, promoted by the IAU and supported by the Kavli Foundation.

The major identified scientific objectives are the characterisation of Earth-like planet atmosphere and the quest for biomarkers, the formation and chemical evolution of the Milky Way, the possibility of resolving stellar populations in nearby galaxies, the stellar evolution, plus many other additional scientific topics. To properly justify the efforts requested by a large mission all of these aspects have to be further investigated, focusing on the complementarity with forthcoming space missions, like JWST and Euclid, and the synergies with future ground-based facilities (E-ELT, TMT, and LSST). 

Following the guidelines reported in its Strategic Vision Document, the Italian Space Agency is organising this workshop to foster a discussion within the national scientific community on the interest, the scientific challenges, and the technological developments that such a large space telescope would have to face. 

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