La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

SWERTO workshop

ASI Headquarters, 16 February

The Italian Space Agency will host the workshop dedicated to the SWERTO project (Space Weather at Rome Tor Vergata). The event is promoted by the Rome University Tor Vergata – Dept. of Physics

The event is devoted to the SWERTO presentation and will involve the scientific community working on ‘space weather’ and representatives from industries. SWERTO is supported by FILAS (Lazio Region).  

Space Weather is the scientific discipline that studies and tries to predict the processes that occur on the Sun, in solar wind, in the earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere. Until a few years ago these processes were only of scientific interest. 

However, in recent years, thanks to technological development, they have gained increasing social and economic importance since they can disturb the correct functioning of technological systems in Space and on Earth, such as communications systems and large scale electrical distribution networks, as well as affect the health in manned spaceflights and in flights with high-altitude aircraft