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SPARC – Final Workshop

17th January 2014 – ASI Headquarters ‐ Rome

On January 17th 2014 at the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in Rome a workshop entitled "Space Threats and Critical Infrastructures: Risks and Countermeasures" will be held.

This is the final workshop of the European project SPARC (SPace Awareness for Critical Infrastructures), which belongs to the CIPS program (Critical Infrastructures Protection and Security) of the Directorate‐General for Home Affairs of the European Commission.

The aim of the SPARC project is to analyse the effects of possible impacts of asteroids, space debris and solar activity on space assets (artificial satellites and related services) and to analyse the resulting effects on land‐based infrastructures, such as transport, energy and telecommunications systems.

Moreover, the project examines the effects of possible direct impacts on ground‐based Critical Infrastructures. The workshop will be focused on the impact analysis of space threats and on possible countermeasures.

Speakers representing different involved actors will join the event, presenting their role and their experience in these topics. This final workshop also aims to create a meeting opportunity for experts and different players involved in two issues, Space Threats and Critical Infrastructures, which are becoming more and more related to each other.

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