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Info Day Horizon 2020 - Call Space 2017

ASI Headquarters, 22nd November

An info day focused on the Horizon 2020 – call Space will be held on November 22nd 2016 at ASI headquarters

The event is organized by APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research) on behalf of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and in close cooperation with ASI and Horizons 2020 Space Configuration.  

An introductory session, held by heads and representatives from involved institutions, will open the Info Day. The program consists of a wide range of topics, such as a presentation on Horizon 2020 Space Program work plan, the current state and opportunities given by Copernicus and Galileo/EGNOS programs. 

Participation is for free - until the venue is complete - and subject to registration within 16 November 2016

Further information and registration link available on APRE website, by clicking here.