La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

ExoMars Press Tour

Turin, 30 October 2014

The ExoMars mission has been conceived to search for past and current hints of life on Mars and to analyze its geochemical characterization, its environment and geophysical features.

The mission, which involves the European Space Agency, the Italian Space Agency and leading aerospace industries, will be launched in 2016.

The ExoMars Press Tour event is organized by Thales Alenia Space and will be held in Turin on 30 October 2014.

The meeting will be an occasion to take stock of the mission’s status and achievements and will include a visit to Thales cleanrooms in order to see the module EDM. EDM (Descent Demonstrator Module) will land on the Red Planet to carry out its tasks for a two-years-period.

ESA, ASI and Thales representatives will take part in the event. ASI representatives will be Enrico Flamini (Chief Scientist) and Delfina Bertolotto (Head of Human Spaceflight).