La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

Cassini Program Science Group

ASI Headquarters, from 19 to 23 January 2015

The 65° Cassini Mission Program Science Group (PSG) meeting will be held in Rome at the Italian Space Agency Headquarters from 19 to 23c January 2015.

The Cassini mission, which was developed in cooperation with NASA, ESA and ASI, is aimed at studying Saturn and its system of satellites and rings.

The PSG is regularly held three times a year, twice in Pasadena (USA) and once in Europe. In January ASI will host the next European meeting.

Italy has already hosted four times this international meeting, that during 5 days gathers NASA, ESA and ASI Mission managers and all the involved scientists.

During the PSG, scientists take stock on Cassini mission and plan its future. In particular, the 65° meeting will be held immediately after a special "birthday" that will be celebrated on 14 January, i.e. the tenth anniversary since the Huygens probe landed on the Titan moon. The PSG agenda, well established by this time, consists of plenary sessions and “splinter” meetings on specific themes.

Participation in the PSG is only on invitation. Information on how to reach ASI Headquarters and on hotel arrangements is available by clicking the below mentioned links.