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Agile: two years after

New ideas for the future of the mission

The Mini-Workshop is aimed at providing an overview of the Mission highlights and hot topics related to the current high-energy missions from the point of view of the AGILE scientific users and collaborators. The workshop will cover the following topics:


* High energy/multifrequency properties of AGNs and theoretical

  insight based on recent AGILE and Fermi observations.

* Our Galaxy: high-resolution gamma-ray observations and diffuse emission.

* Pulsars, pulsar wind nebulae and Supernovae Remnants.

* Galactic jet sources and black holes.

* Panchromatic studies of GRBs.

* Exotic phenomena (Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes).


At the end of the second day, a special session will be devoted to the discussion of future scientific objectives of the AGILE Mission.



For organizational purposes please notify your participation before April, 15th.




Information about the Workshop, the registration form, the wokshop program, the logistic information can be found at the workshop web site.