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Star Party

Aosta Valley, 11 - 13 September

The Astronomical Observatory of the Aosta Valley, located in Saint-Barthélemy, will host the Star Party/Astronomical Science & Technology Expo

The event, which will be held from 11 to 13 September, is organized within the International Light Year promoted by the UNESCO. 

The event program consists of astronomical observations, workshops, shows at the Planetarium and exhibitions. 

The Italian Space Agency will take part in Star Party by organizing two exhibitions: the first one is on the Rosetta mission and the second one is on the COSMO-SkyMed program. 

ASI will be also represented, among the speakers, by Barbara Negri (Universe Exploration and Observation Unit Head) and Alessandro Coletta (COSMO-SkyMed Mission Management and Utilization Unit Head). 

Further information available on the event website and program (see links below).