International Astronautical Congress 2009

Daejon (South Korea), 12-16 October 2009

The theme of IAC 2009 Daejeon is "Space for Sustainable Peace and Progress."


IAC 2009 Daejeon will :
 - Serve as a place for the extensive exchange of global space technology and information in order to spark the    development of human space technology.

 - Help create a peaceful atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula by adopting the idea of the peaceful use of space.

 - Contribute to human prosperity and welfare by allowing developing countries to benefit from advanced space     technology and information in regard to environment and agriculture.

 - Offer the public, especially the youth, an educational opportunity to learn about space science.

 - Provide participants with significant opportunities for networking and business interaction in the field of space    science and technology by hosting a variety of technical sessions and exhibitions.
IAC 2009 Daejeon will offer many attractions, sights and amusement, and various IAC programmes that will provide everyone with a memorable and wonderful experience.
Many Korean aerospace experts, along with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Daejeon Metropolitan City, are hard at work preparing for the best IAC ever.

IAC 2009 Daejeon will contribute to the growth of IAF and the development of space science and technology that
are beneficial to all humankind.