La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

“Beyond the limit” exhibition

Trento, until 14 June 2015

The discovery of the Universe and its mysteries, the Big Bang, what is infinitely small and what is infinitely big, relations between energy and matter, the antimatter, the kind of time and mind and scientific limits: these are the main topics chosen for the exhibition “Beyond the limit. A journey through knowledge boundaries”. The initiative is ongoing at the Science Museum (MUSE) in Trento until 14 June 2015.

The exhibition, inaugurated last 8 November, is promoted by the MUSE and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics with the participation of the Italian Space Agency. Interactive exhibits, staging, videos and multimedia experiments characterize the exhibition, that is divided in several areas. Meetings, conferences and laboratories enrich the path in order to examine in depth the exhibition topics.

“Beyond is a word that can have various meanings – highlights the ASI President Roberto Battiston – In the field of knowledge it is equal to the overcoming of the unknown limits, to venture on unexplored lands and subjects and in unusual situations, inconceivable up till now. The awesomeness of the exhibition “Beyond” will enlighten the audience about these perspectives and will make viewers overturn their knowledge certainties”. 

“We are sure – ends Battiston – that the exhibition will achieve its target and will make the public aware of how technology works. Technology takes its strength and its talent to shape everyday life from people who have been able, are able and will be able to see and explore beyond the limits of what now we can understand and observe”.

Additional information is available on the MUSE website.