La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

ASI in “stop motion”

The new animated film made in plasticine by the Italian Space Agency

On a pale and round moon, which recalls that famous image by the French illusionist and cineaste Georges Méliès over a century ago, two clearly recognisable Italian astronauts leap in orange spacesuits.

The theatrical “bull’s eye” which sees the astronauts is shown to be the point of view of an observer using a telescope: Galileo Galilei in 1600s clothes who then becomes the imaginary "professor Leo Gali" (note the anagram), inside a comfortable modern office.

A moment later, the camera finds the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency. The film thus unites the past, of extraordinary pioneers, with the present and a future built with passion by the work of the many men and women who work in the Italian space sector.

There is this and much more in the 69 seconds of the latest film produced by the ASI. It was made by some of the best professionals in the sector in Italy using plasticine figures in the technique of “stop motion” animation. The short film will accompany the Italian Space Agency to conventions and events around the world and can also, naturally, be seen on the Internet. Happy viewing!