La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

SpaceUp Rome

The event on 24 and 25 October

What is an "un-conference"?  

An un-conference is a self-organized event, where the topic, schedule and structure are decided by the participants at the start and during the event. An unconference has no spectators, only participants. Everyone is encouraged to give a short presentation, moderate a panel, or start a discussion.

Sessions at SpaceUp are conversations, just like every conversation you’ve had (or wanted to have) at any other conference. The only difference is that the sessions are planned on the spot, which means we’re sure to be talking about topics we find interesting. 

The purpose of all this is to share ideas and let fruitful collaborations start!  

How SpaceUp works?  

SpaceUp is aiming at bringing together people interested in space. It is open to anyone who is a space enthusiast, from experts working in the field such scientists and engineers, journalists, artists, teachers, students or simply space fans.

- SpaceUp is an UnConference – nothing like the standard conference

- SpaceUp gives YOU the chance to talk

- SpaceUp is for everybody

- SpaceUp is fun, awesome and it will get you addicted

- SpaceUp allows you to learn more about space 

SpaceUp is YOUR un-conference! 

Do you have an idea you would like to share it with other experts? Bring it to SpaceUp and discuss it informally!

Have you written a paper on an innovative idea? Share it with SpaceUp participants!

Are you into space business? Give us a master lecture!

Would you like to moderate a debate on innovation vs. classical models? Get it started at SpaceUp, and make people “fight” with each other, playing roles is always fun!

Are you interested in a topic that you really, really like, but none of your friends or family can really understand you when you talk about, let’s say… coating an asteroid to alter its orbital evolution? Talk with the SpaceUp participants!  

Are you a member of an organisation that can be of interest for the rest of participants? Present it to SpaceUp!

Are you a space artist? Bring your art to SpaceUp!

Have you created an awesome space video? Share it with us!   

Come to share your idea!

The first SpaceUp un-conference was held in San Diego in 2010. Since then, its success continuously grew all around the world, with many events taking place each year. 

For the first time we now bring SpaceUp to Italy! 


24-25th October 2015

Università di Roma "La Sapienza" - Via Eudossiana 18 - Rome  

How can you participate? 

Register throughout SpaceUp Rome web page (see link below).